Healing using wisdom

My Experience with Wisdom

In recovery, I employed wisdom by researching everything I could on toxic energy and the Dark Triad of personality disorders, and reading more than a dozen books until I knew beyond a doubt that the love had been an illusion, and that I must not engage with these types of individuals again. These souls whose light and positive energy are dim or weak rarely change, no matter what they promise or how hard they try to convince you that they are working on themselves.  

It has been said that they often masquerade as holy or religious people, loving parents, healers, or physicians who care only about their patients. This was certainly my experience, and because their “image” was so well crafted, it took me a long while to recognize the duplicity.

The poem That Year illustrates that wisdom is something we achieve over time.  It is wisdom that makes both change and recovery possible.  I am now able to look back at that year and see the nightmare I endured and how I could rise above it to a new place of wisdom and healing.

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