The Light of Innocence

The small white cat lay curled
up on the sofa, a bundle of love
and goodness, his innocence
not lost by neglect or abuse,
his light still shining for children
and neighbors, rolling over and
over on the sidewalk in glee
at the beautiful day and flowers
and nooks and crannies to explore.
Waiting for him are treats and food
and so much love, you can curl him
around him and he will only purr,
complete trust and surrender.

I will not feel that innocence again,
if I ever once did. That warm breast
of comfort was absent like the sun
on a day of pelting rain,
or an overcast night sky without
a twinkle of light. Where did my inner light
come from if not from God? I revel
in my newfound strength, my God-given
right to shine, say goodbye to false innocence
and welcome the reality that sometimes
there is dark.

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