Recovery has many aspects. I will touch on them in the coming posts. This poem expresses my hope for the future.

Recovery from Narcissism

Today I bask in the knowledge
that in the future, you will
be a distant memory,
a memory of evil lurking
in the serenity of forests and trees,
lakes and sky. Today I know I will be
all right, that abundance will flow
as a karmic payment for the grief
I endured, friendships will be stronger,
my spiritual life will grow
to encompass the kindest
and most compassionate
on the planet, where God will glow
from every face, the sun will shine
on the less fortunate and summer
days will greet me every winter.
I will seek the highs of beauty
and soul, music and travel.
I will gladly help the children
learn and grow, and I will grow
stronger every day on the path to God.

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