Water and nature poetry

Gainesville Container House AirBnB

I picked leaves from the pristine pool
like a pond skimmer, happy
to slice through liquid,
prepare the way for a pure swim.
I began to welcome leaves and pine fronds
as visitors to this natural paradise,
saw that perfection is already here:
the tangle of ferns, the jumbled
bamboo, the odd plant shooting up
at angles, fallen leaves along the deck.

Back in my container house,
I watched a butterfly fan its wings
in and out, shy in its vulnerability.
For a few minutes, it sits quietly
on the leaf. I wonder if I could be
that still, content to meditate
in the morning on my own leaf.

The quiet hum of an airplane interrupts
my reverie. The butterfly sits,
perfectly still. A lone leaf turns
in circles, winking and nodding.
Sun shines slant through a copse of trees,
a green glint in the morning light.

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