Candle Light

Candle Light

I shine the light on despair:
it disappears into the darkness,
until the moon says: “I told you
there was only light,”
light to make your way,
light to brighten the dark caves
of worry and crannies of desire
that elude, light to walk the crooked
path out of the swamp, light
of the black pearl beckoning
better times, the coat of many colors
to warm the shroud of desperation,
lying at the feet of the doubtful,
the light of faith like a lamp post.
Will the shine of hope shed light
on my buried dreams, or the jackhammer
of daily life drill all good
to the bottom? I light a candle,
cupping my hand around the flames.

This poem shows me reaching for light, toward the light, as I was sunk in depression or desperation. My faith and my spiritual practices kept me upright until I could reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

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